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To all writers, teachers, coaches, speakers, entrepreneurs, thinkers and tinkerers with a purposeful Mission:

If you are reading this message, then you are moving ever closer to your dream of making a positive contribution to this tired old world by becoming a successful author with a book that will increase your visibility, your credibility and bring you more clients.

Chances are you’ve been thinking about the writing life for a long time.  But…

  • have you stopped half-way through your manuscript because you’ve been made to feel frustrated, confused and overwhelmed by the process of turning your message into a book?
  • have you run up against the roadblocks of not being able to find an agent or interest an editor?
  • have you heard that self-publishing is self-defeating?
  • Or is it merely a case where you lack the time and ability to organize your thoughts into manuscript form?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then please know that I am here to put an end to that frustration and confusion. I am here to help you become happily and gainfully published.

And I’m here to tell you why mine is the last message that the publishing industry wants you to read.

My job, my goal in life, my joy comes from coaching, editing and publishing. My mission is to empower the budding author and to help business owners become preeminent in their respective fields of endeavor by marketing a book.

If you are a business owner- no matter what field- you have competitors.  But you and your business are unique. You have a singular contribution to make and you have the ability to help others through your skills and knowledge. And the professional who pens a book on the subject is recognized as the authority on the subject, and that is how you and your business become superior to all others, for this is still a world in which “What is written, rules”.

If you have already reached a certain plateau in the business world and have enjoyed some degree of success in life but are seeking a bigger stage or broader platform to spread your message further, I can help you find and develop the book that will catapult you to that next level, setting you apart from your competition and establishing you as an authority. You already have a valuable story to share, even if the story remains unfinished. Are you ready to make an investment in yourself and in your business? Don’t put it off any longer. We are all here to help one another along life’s path. You have an important contribution to make, and I am here to help you by publishing your message.

My name is Cristina Piva. Since 1995, I have guided hundreds of authors and professionals through the process of putting their brilliant thoughts on paper, turning them into valuable books that are sold around the world, and I can’t wait to do this for you, too. My resume speaks for itself: I have worked at the highest levels of marketing for two of the world’s greatest Fortune 500 companies and I know what sells, how and why. I can spot a story within the first five minutes of our session, can spot a great story in less than sixty seconds, and can show you how to turn that great story into a great book. My motivation for helping you is born out of my desire to help you bring your message to the world and my mission in life is to make your dreams a reality. My passion comes from helping people achieve the vision that they have for themselves.ifsd

Don’t put it off another moment!

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