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Bonaventture Books, Preserving History One Story At a Time

“Preserving History

One Story At a Time”


Founded in 2002 in Savannah, Georgia, we’re an independent regional publisher, focused on

  • memoirs and biographies,
  • ghost stories,  hauntings and the supernatural,
  • Savannah  true stories and history
  • Savannah guidebooks, historic novels
  • cookbooks, and other non-fiction categories

After moving to Savannah in 2000, former international marketing executive and magazine editor Cristina Piva noticed a wealth of talent in the region. After the publication of “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”, it seemed that New York publishers no longer had interest in Savannah-related stories. That is the niche we intend to fill.

Our authors are knowledgeable in their fields, bringing a new perspective to Savannah history and lore. Each book is designed and illustrated with love and care, and tell stories that are relevant, valuable, moving, informative and affecting. We use local photographers, designers and artists who bring to life a part of Savannah that you did not know existed or did not know was so beautiful.

We will soon issue a monthly newsletter with updates, behind the scenes peeks about each book, interviews and all sorts of activities going on in Savannah in case you can’t come visit. Please let us notify you when we launch the newsletter.

As we rebuild the website, you will soon be able to check out our books.
Our authors and photographers enjoy sharing their experiences and are available for speaking at schools, libraries and events.