Who We Are: Boutique Book Publisher

Continental Shelf Publishing is a boutique publisher that will release only a few dozen books per year, so attention to every detail can be achieved. CSP is a natural outgrowth of its sister company, Bonaventture Books, which serves the Southeast with regional titles, especially Savannah books. Ten years after its founding, the need for an umbrella for quality non-fiction of national interest spawned Continental Shelf Publishing.

Inspiration in Print. Here you will get help to transform your idea and dream to a published book on your area of expertise. We publish books for the curious mind that are meaningful, impactful and moving, like our authors. You will not see hype or fads, but quality content to help you reach your dream of published status to help and inspire your readers for many decades.

We are looking for authors who have a message to impart, in fields as disparate as Spirituality & Growth, Memoirs & Biographies, Current Affairs, Lifestyle, and Professional non-fiction (How-tos, research/thesis, etc.) While we don’t handle children’s books, we can help you in finishing your project and refer you to a trusted children’s book publisher.

How We Work: Author Partnerships

We help coaches, speakers, professionals and entrepreneurs find their “written voice” with non-fiction books to help promote their business while guiding their clients to progress to a higher level of success. We also help preserve family legacies & biographies, memoirs, history, politics & current affairs.

Engaged AuthorsWe are interested in titles that will be reprinted for years to come, each serving its niche market, supported by active author promotions. We believe in long term partnerships, where the author is an active promoter of his work.

If you are interested in submitting your manuscript, please email a query letter to editor@CSPBooks.com. We will respond via email. Please do not send unsolicited manuscripts.

Where to Buy

Readers can find our books here, On Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and other online retailers.

Retailers and Librarians, please inquire about volume discount.  We also offer our books through Baker & Taylor.

Let us notify you when new titles are to be released! As a subscriber, you can get a sneak preview before they hit the market!