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30 Years Under the Beam: Bethlehem Steel Exposed, Frank A. Behum, Sr.30 Years under the Beam: Bethlehem Steel Exposed, As Told by Those Who Worked There

by Frank A. Behum, Sr.

A history of the last years of Bethlehem Steel, told by the steelworkers -from laboreres to management-in interviews. Bethlehem Steel was the world’s second largest steel company when it went bankrupt in 2003. Public perception was that union employees were responsible for its downfall, with inflated wages and benefits. Here they make their case to the contrary.

A true historical account of those who worked the powerhouse of steel factories. You will read exact quotes and interviews that help delineate the motivation and work ethic of the steelworkers of Bethlehem, PA

Daddy King and Me: Memories of the Forgotten Father of the Civil Rights Movement by Murray M. Silver

Daddy King and Me: Memories of the Forgotten Father of the Civil Rights Movement 

by Murray M.  Silver

The only book in print today about the father of the civil rights movement and patriarch to America’s iconic King family. This is a unique history of America’s “first family” of the civil rights movement, written from an insider’s perspective. The focus is on Martin Luther King, Sr, “Daddy King,” about whom there is little in print, and historians have largely walked past this great citizen and exemplary human being.

Whole Lotta Shakin: 50 Years of Memories, A Tribute to Jerry Lee Lewis, by J/W. Brown and Rusty Brown

Whole Lotta Shakin’: 50 Years of Memories and a Tribute to Jerry Lee Lewis

by J.W. Brown and Rusty Brown

The long-awaited memoir of the most explosive story in rock music history! Here is the latest and most intimate version of the Lewis saga written by the man who knows him best: J.W. Brown, cousin, father-in-law and manager of The Killer, the first man to play the electric bass guitar on television and The World’s Oldest Rock’n’Roller.

Troy's Miracles by Terry Lee Rambo

Troy’s Miracles

by Terry Lee Rambo

The memoir of a grieving mother who lost her son in a car accident at age 28. In coming to terms with her loss, she experiences odd coincidences culminating with messages from her son’s spirit: small miracles to assure her that life goes on and that our children never really leave us. From beyond the grave, Troy helps his mother renew her faith and find peace at last. This edition is lovingly illustrated with black and white and color photos throughout.


Tech's Luck: the Story of Jim Luck, by Murray Silver

Tech’s Luck

by Murray Silver

James Karl Luck, Jr. served Georgia Tech for 37 years in a variety of roles: As baseball coach (1962-81) he won more games than any coach in Tech history; he coached football for 22 seasons, and as Senior Assistant Athletic Director he ushered in a new era of renovation. This is his life story, illustrated with original photos.


Backwards Off the Curb: a Memoir, by Chris McMillan

Backwards Off the Curb: a Memoir

by Chris McMillan

Chris McMillan, sets out on the search for the meaning of life and a channel for her any talents. Each new-found glimpse of satisfaction and self-expression sends her off on another quest. As she matures, she is gifted with unexpected problems that force her to develop skills she never knew she needed, but provide a foundation for the coming chapters of her life.

BACKWARDS is a must read for every woman traveling the same path of self-discovery and wishing she had a fellow traveler as amiable as Chris McMillan.

What I Believe: A Combat Chaplain's Guide to God, by Chaplain (Captain) W. Michael Oliver

What I Believe: A Combat Chaplain’s Guide to God

by Chaplain (Captain) W. Michael Oliver

A Chaplain in the U.S. Army deployed to Iraq is challenged by those he serves to explain the basic tenets of the Christian faith.

This quick and informative guide explains the Bible’s plot, discusses the process of becoming and being a Christian; and explores the important theological truths rediscovered during the Protestant Reformation.

Mankind Bible: Do Unto Others As You Would Have Others Do Unto You

by Dr. George K. F. Wang

The Confucian Analects- A Fresh Perspective

This is the first contemporary translation of the Confucian Analects in more than 100 years, bringing a fresh insight into the Master’s teachings.

Includes a dynamic introduction and a new argument for making the ancient doctrine of Do Unto Others a worldwide mantra.


Charm: How to Make Your World a More Beautiful Place, Princess Julia KarolyiCharm: How to Make Your World a More Beautiful Place

Princess Julia Karolyi

Thanks to Princess Julia Karolyi, women finally have an updated practical guide on the matter of style and grace. As a modern-day princess, she puts a 21st century spin on old fashioned charm. C.H.A.R.M. is about so much more, and this formula will give you the key get and keep what you want in life. The five components of modern-day charm are the key elements which make this book original. It is written in a rapid pace, as in a guide, and filled with resources for further reading on each topic.